SEOPlus for ChatGPT

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🚀 Just updated - introducing SEOPlus 2.0

With SEOPlus 2.0, three new major features are introduced, one of them a whole new plugin:

  • MetaPlus: An entirely new plugin to allow ChatGPT to access and analyze the SEO Meta tags from websites - completely free for existing Premium users
  • Regionality analysis: Restrict SEOPlus results to certain regions on earth to make more precise decisions
  • Seasonality analysis: ChatGPT can now see detailed historical data across seasons for each keyword

Just like all previous customers got this HUGE update for free, free updates for life will be included if you purchase now.

SEOPlus is the ChatGPT SEO plugin for serious professionals.

SEOPlus allows ChatGPT to look up high quality SEO keywords at incredible speeds, with amazing accuracy. By integrating SEO directly into your AI workflow, it replaces the likes of ahrefs and Semrush and saves you $100s a month.

  • Save $100s a month on SEO tool subscriptions & ChatGPT+.
  • Use the supplied prompts and characters to turn ideas to keywords, to articles, to traffic.
  • Run on your fully local TypingMind instance for industry level security.

🔍 Powerful AI-Assisted Keyword generation

SEOPlus allows you to go from an idea, to fitting keywords, to a blog post in minutes, by giving ChatGPT instant access to high-quality Google Keyword Data. We provide all the keyword data, you don't have to do anything.

📁 Analyze your competitor's SEO

With MetaPlus, a free second plugin included in SEOPlus Premium, ChatGPT can access your competitors site meta tags to analyze their SEO and tell you what to improve. This lets you allow ChatGPT to granularly customize articles to outperform your competition.

⚡ 50x cheaper than the competition

Compared to ahrefs and Semrush, the leading SEO data providers, SEOPlus is way cheaper, easier to use and can creatively advance your business with generative AI.

Full disclosure: the data quality of ahrefs and Semrush is still slightly better, we use Google's keyword data, which may be a bit more inaccurate and less detailed.

✅ What you get

  • SEOPlus for ChatGPT - full plugin
  • 6,000 to 50,000 SEO keyword lookups (depending on pricing tier)
  • Future updates (no additional cost)
  • Detailed documentation and usage tutorial
  • Seamless integration with all other talktweak plugins
  • Personal human support (
  • Membership to talktweak Club - exclusive updates and discounts on future plugins
  • (Premium) Additional SEO characters, prompts and chat examples for specific use cases

Yes, this is all included. SEOPlus will make you back its price in days.

⚙️ Technical Requirements

The requirements are literally nothing besides a TypingMind License - even this is optional during beta! We take care of everything, and make sure that you can use your SEO keyword credits for a full year after purchase. Get set up in a minute, and use it forever.

Please note that your SEO credits are limited to one year of usage. This is a limitation of one of our data providers we cannot circumvent. That being said, your license to the product is for live. If you run out of credits, or your credits expire, you can top up at a discounted rate.

📚 Licensing

Please note that purchasing this software does not grant you ownership of the software itself, but rather a license to use the software. This license is valid for ONE (1) individual user only, including for commercial purposes.

If you wish to make the software available to more than one user, please contact us to discuss additional licensing options. We are here to support you in finding the best solution for your needs.

I want this!

You'll get a detailed, idiot-proof installation guide, access to our backend, the plugin, future updates, human email support, all talktweak club advantages, and my infinite gratitude ❤️

I don't do fake discounts. The best time to get SEOPlus is now as the price might increase at any time.
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SEOPlus for ChatGPT

2 ratings
I want this!