DiffusionPlus for ChatGPT

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DiffusionPlus integrates the latest cutting-edge image models with ChatGPT for the first time.

DiffusionPlus let's you automatically generate incredibly realistic images, illustrations and drawings in high quality.

  • Save $100s a year on expensive Al subscriptions.
  • Access 10+ different image models (including for oil painting, ultra-realism, anime, app icons and emoji creation)
  • Create images without restrictions and refusals*
  • Run on your fully local TypingMind instance for industry level security.

2x cheaper, 2x faster, 2x better

DiffusionPlus uses a series of of Open Source image generation models that have no restrictions and outperform most popular models models.

✅ What you get

  • DiffusionPlus for ChatGPT - full plugin
  • Up to 1000 image generations (depending on pricing tier)
  • Future updates (no additional cost)
  • Detailed documentation and usage tutorial
  • Seamless integration with all other talktweak plugins
  • Personal human support (hi@talktweak.com)
  • Membership to talktweak Club - exclusive updates and discounts on future plugins
  • (Premium) Additional SEO characters, prompts and chat examples for specific use cases

Yes, this is all included. DiffusionPlus will make you back its price in days.

🔍 Examples

🖼️ Creating engaging images for blog posts

"Create 4 images for my blog post on finding a job as a young tech professional." - view full conversation

💡 Brainstorming a new Star Wars character

"Brainstorm a new Star Wars character and generate some characteristic images of them." - view full conversation

🎨 Storyboarding an Anime

"Brainstorm an Anime with me! It should be Sci Fi and play out in Tokyo. Generate storyboards of each main character." - view full conversation

⚙️ Technical Requirements

The requirements are literally nothing besides a TypingMind License - even this is optional during beta! We take care of everything, and make sure that you can use your image credits for at least a full year after purchase. Get set up in a minute, and use it forever.

* The only limitation to our content blocking is that we can't allow full-on nudity and NSFW. This is not because of any personal issues, but because of the major legal risk of adult content. This applies to both the creation of illegal content depicting children deepfakes.

I want this!

You'll get a detailed, idiot-proof installation guide, access to our backend, the plugin, future updates, human email support, all talktweak club advantages, and my infinite gratitude ❤️

I don't do fake discounts. The best time to get DiffusionPlus is now as the price might increase at any time.
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DiffusionPlus for ChatGPT

2 ratings
I want this!