ChartsPlus for ChatGPT

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ChartsPlus is a super-fast ChatGPT plugin that autonomously creates and displays charts using public APIs. It operates in the browser on It is powered by a robust charts API that works for free, without a subscription.

✅ Use cases

  • Create and display bar, line, pie and doughnut charts
  • Automatically format, optimize and present charts to you
  • Rephrase and create with charts (i.e., turn raw data into a visually appealing chart instantly)

📦 What you get

  • ChartsPlus plugin (code and secret one-click install link)
  • Product service and future updates for years to come
  • Discounts on future plugins (only if you want, of course)
  • Detailed documentation (multiple pages, step-by-step screenshots)
  • Personal, genuine human support (

🗝️ Technical requirements

There is zero ongoing cost and zero setup for you. Click install, and you're done.

The plugin uses a 100% robust infrastructure that falls back to alternatives if our cloud infrastructure ever fails, so it is likely to work for years to come.

📚 Licensing

Please note that purchasing this software does not grant you ownership of the software itself, but rather a license to use the software. This license is valid for ONE (1) individual user only, including for commercial purposes.

If you wish to make the software available to more than one user, please contact us to discuss additional licensing options. We are here to support you in finding the best solution for your needs.

I want this!

You'll get a detailed, idiot-proof installation guide, the plugin, future updates, human email support, and my infinite gratitude ❤️

I don't do fake discounts. The best time to get SearchPlus is now as the price might increase at any time.
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ChartsPlus for ChatGPT

1 rating
I want this!