BrowsePlus for ChatGPT

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BrowsePlus is an incredibly fast ChatGPT URL browsing and summary plugin that works in the browser on, without a subscription. It runs on a powerful article extraction and summarization engine to get high-quality outputs in seconds.

βœ… Capabilitites

  • Allow ChatGPT to autonomously get the content of any URL in seconds
  • Let ChatGPT read and compare detailed research papers, textbooks, news articles, wiki pages and forum discussions
  • Enable ChatGPT to discuss, summarize and analyze pages of your choice

πŸ€” BrowsePlus vs SearchPlus

Both BrowsePlus and SearchPlus are excellent web plugins available on, but the differ in a few key areas.

While SearchPlus is a general web search plugin that takes a search query as input, BrowsePlus has been made specifically for usecases where you want to get the content of a site from a URL.

πŸ“¦ What you get

  • BrowsePlus plugin (code and secret one-click install link)
  • Future updates (no additional cost)
  • Discounts on future plugins (only if you want, of course)
  • Detailed documentation (multiple pages, step-by-step screenshots)
  • Personal, genuine human support (

πŸ—οΈ Technical requirements

BrowsePlus runs on and does not require any subscriptions. Using BrowsePlus is associated with ZERO ongoing cost. You only need one free API key, and you'll be guided through obtaining it.

Optionally, you can also add an OpenRouter or Anthropic Business API key to use Claude with the summarization engine.

πŸ“š Licensing

Please note that purchasing this software does not grant you ownership of the software itself, but rather a license to use the software. This license is valid for ONE (1) individual user only, including for commercial purposes.

If you wish to make the software available to more than one user, please contact us to discuss additional licensing options. We are here to support you in finding the best solution for your needs.

I want this!

You'll get a detailed, idiot-proof installation guide, the plugin, future updates, human email support, and my infinite gratitude ❀️

I don't do fake discounts. The best time to get SearchPlus is now as the price might increase at any time.
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BrowsePlus for ChatGPT

4 ratings
I want this!